Thursday, January 19, 2006

31st APEE Conference

The Association of Private Enterprise Education will hold its thirty first annual conference April 2-4, 2006 at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The theme of APEE's 2006 International Conference is "Private Solutions to Market Failures: Is Government Always the Answer?" The Association is composed of scholars from economics, political science, philosophy, and other disciplines as well as policy analysts, business executives, and other educators. APEE’s annual meeting explores topics related to private enterprise in an atmosphere that respects market approaches. Presentations reflect the latest research in fields such as regulation, public choice, microeconomics, and Austrian economics, as well as instructional techniques.

APEE invites papers on any topic, however, a number of sessions will be devoted to this year's theme: Private Solutions to Market Failures. The theme provides an opportunity to organize sessions that illustrate the advantages of private enterprise.

As Harold Demsetz pointed out, many advocates of government intervention think of a potential problem and then assume that the state has the capability and incentive to solve it. This “Nirvana approach” to public policy usually ignores potential shortcomings of government and it usually fails to consider potential market solutions. In reality government solutions often have unintended consequences worse than the problem they were meant to fix. Private enterprise, on the other hand, often sees profit opportunities where needs exist and has an incentive to do things right. The private sector has found ways to privately provide many goods including: education, healthcare, relief for the poor, environmental amenities, roads, money, security, and much more.

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