Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rev. Edmund Opitz (2/11/1914-2/13/06)

"There is a place for government in the affairs of men, and our Declaration of Independence tells us precisely what that place is. The role of government is to protect individuals in their God-given individual rights. Freedom is the natural birthright of man, but all that government can do in behalf of freedom is to let the individual alone, and it should secure him in his rights by making others let him alone."--Ed Opitz

The libertarian and free-market advocate, Rev. Edmund Opitz, died monday (2/13/06). Founder of The Nockian Society (1963) and The Remnant (1957--a fellowship of conservative and libertarian ministers), Spiritual Mobilization organizer (Director, 1951-54), long-time FEE Senior Staff (1955-92, as well as The Freeman book editor) and author of more than six dozen articles in The Freeman as well as several books (Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies, Religion: Foundation of the Free Society, Leviathan at War, The Libertarian Theology of Freedom), Must We Depend Upon Political Protection? (with Robert LeFevre), The Kingdom Without God: Roads End for the Social Gospel (with Gerald Heard) and The Powers That Be: Case Studies of the Church in Politics, he was highly regarded for his lectures and quiet manner.

He will be missed. He was a treasure and fount of wisdom for all who knew him.

Just a thought (and hat tip to Daniel McCarthy).
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