Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Perhaps the best source of information on the Reformation and Puritan writings is available from Still Waters Revival Books . They have a 30 CD set of books, sermons and other literature on the Reformation and a 30-CD set on Puritan writers. These are primary and secondary writings from all of the major and minor writers from the Puritan and Reformation writers available in the English language. Each contains over one-third of a million pages of religious writings. I cannot recommend this resource more highly. Much of the writings are inaccessible in any other form (certainly not in any library that I am familiar with). The books and other writings here contain religious discussions from the 1500’s forward on every subject imaginable.

I have researched the political aspects of ecclesiastical history and am pretty familiar with the central themes and writers of the English Enlightenment, as well as those in the Anglican/Latitudinarian, Dissenting and Methodist/Wesleyan traditions, but I’ve never been much interested in more than Knox in Scottish religious history and Penn with the Puritans. The writings in these CDs have excited me in a way that I didn’t expect.
The breadth and depth of the works available here are truly amazing! These collections are invaluable.

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