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This little treatise on the True Constitution of Government was delivered as one of the regular course of lectures before the New York Merchants' Institute for the present winter. It is now published as the introductory number of a contemplated series of publications, presenting certain new principles of society, which it is the belief of the author are eminently adapted to supply the felt want of the present day for an adequate solution of the existing social disturbances. For the principles in question, either as original discoveries, or else as presented in a new light, as solvents of the knotty questions which are now puzzling the most capacious minds and afflicting the most benevolent hearts of Christendom, the author confesses his very great indebtedness, and he believes the world will yet gladly confess its indebtedness, to the genius of Josiah Warren, of Indiana, who has been engaged for more than twenty years in testing, almost in solitude, the practical operation, in the education of children, in the sphere of commerce, and otherwise, of the principles which we are now for the first time presenting prominently to the public.

It has been the belief of the author that there are, in the ranks of those who are denominated Conservatives, many who sympathize deeply with the objects of radical reform, but who have never identified themselves with the movements in that direction, either because they have not seen that the practical measures proposed by the advocates of reform contained the elements of success, or else because they have distinctly perceived or intuitively felt that they did not. They may have been repelled, too, by the want of completeness in the program, the want of scientific exactness in the principles announced, or, finally, by the want of a lucid conception of the real nature of the remedy which is needed for the manifold social evils of which all confess the existence in the actual condition of society. If there are minds in this position, minds more rigid than others in their demands for precise and philosophical principles preliminary to action, it is from such that the author anticipates the most cordial reception of the elements propounded by Mr. Warren, so soon as they are seen in their connections and interrelations with each other.

Believing that these principles will justify the assumption, I have ventured to place at the head of this series of publications, as a general title, "“The Science of Society."”

The propriety of the use of the term "“Science"” in such a connection may be questioned by some whom habit has accustomed to apply that term to a much lower range of investigations. If researches into the habits of beetles and tadpoles, and their localities and conditions of existence, are entitled to the dignified appellation of Science, certainly similar researches into the nature, the wants, the adaptations, and, so to speak, into the true or requisite moral and social habitat of the spiritual animal called Man must be, if conducted according to the rigid methods of scientific induction from observed facts, equally entitled to that distinction.

The series of works, of which this is the first in order, will deal in no vague aspirations after "“the good time coming”." They will propound definite principles which demand to be regarded as having all the validity of scientific truths, and which, taken in their co-relations with each other, are adequate to the solution of the social problem. If this pretension be made good, the importance of the subject will not be denied. If not well founded, the definiteness of the propositions will be favorable to a speedy and successful refutation.

New York, January 1851.


Blogger JoeTKelley said...

I first read “Equitable Commerce” after Waco and after running for Congress to expose ‘the big lie’. The ‘seed’ grew in me; one small step at a time. The growth continues and now the plant is bearing fruit. It is a liberty tree. My personal liberty tree is a solitary one. My liberty tree is INDIVIDUAL.

Since that initial exposure to scientific facts concerning social interaction within the human species, since then, my efforts to feed the growing tree have included the discovery of The Science of Society. Andrews’ work is like miracle grow, fertilizer, added to the process of this living organism.

The living organism is one INDIVIDUL entity. I’m referring to the human experiment; the human species. We are all one and the same species. The human species, like all individual species, are like no other species. We are unique. We are often stupid. If we do not learn to assume all our own costs, if we continue to feed of each other, civilized cannibalism, then, the liberty tree will cease to grow, and mankind will go with it.

The real nature of the remedy, including the current global threat of terror, including the terror of a “Nukular” first strike, the remedy which is needed for the manifold social evils of which few now will confess the existence in the actual condition of society, better to simply blame others, make them confess, the real nature of the remedy, the REAL nature of the remedy, is the same remedy discovered, probably rediscovered, in Andrew’s and Warren’s day.

I have endeavored to discuss the Cost Principle with others, especially the so called ‘experts’ who champion what is now called Economics; what was once called The Science of Society and Equitable Commerce. My efforts have run into a Stone Wall, so far, like Jackson. Yes, much like that.

If the seed takes root, in the reader now perusing these web pages, then, I can save you a whole lot of time if your mind begins to ask questions concerning what happened to The Science of Society.

The Science of Society became an apology for greed, a pseudo science, and a tool to extract the most and most rapidly. The discovery of oil probably accelerated that process.

The Science of Society became Economics.

It became a reinforcement of the Value Principle, in many complex forms, which is now called the interest/profit system and or Keynesian economics. Both are based upon the Value Principle. The lower case “interest/profit system”, is probably a given by the proponents of that system. They don’t like to draw attention to details. Far from it!

Read on with courage and an open mind. The seed doesn’t need any help. It is true. Don’t read if you prefer falsehood. A sign is written on the door: The Science of Society.

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