Monday, March 20, 2006

Dr. Chris R. Tame (20/12/1949 - 20/3/2006)

Dr Chris R Tame, founder and President of the Libertarian
(formed in 1967) has finally succumbed to his long and painful bout with cancer. According to Mario Huet, List Administrator of the Libertarian Alliance Forum,

"His end was peaceful. With him to the end were Helen Evans and Petica Evans, and Sean Gabb... The President of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr Timothy Evans, and the Director of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr Sean Gabb, both wish to say that in spite of today's deeply sad news, the work of the Libertarian Alliance will continue."

Former director of the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (FOREST) he wrote extensively over the years in Britain and elsewhere. Tame edited The Bibliography of Freedom for the Centre for Policy Studies and contributed to The Case for Private Enterprise, The New Right Enlightenment and The Politics of Crime Control. His essays have appeared in such journals as The Jewish Journal of Sociology, Il Politico, Science and Public Policy, The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, Werifrei and Economic Affairs.

A graduate in American Studies from Hull University, he was later awarded a PhD from Middlesex University. A public affairs professional who has worked in a variety of fields, he is one of Britain’s best known libertarian broadcasters and writers.

With his kind and generous personality, always willing to encourage young libertarians, Dr. Tame has been an inspiration to a generation of British libertarians. He will be greatly missed.

The Libertarian Alliance, one of Britain’s leading free market and civil liberties think tanks, currently has more than 700 pamphlets in print and online, as well as their periodical, Free Life. It has attracted widespread press and media interest and has been at the forefront of establishing libertarian ideas as an important part of modern political discourse.

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